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What Is Your Equine Emergency Plan?

Scone Equine Hospital - Tuesday, April 10, 2018
What Is Your Equine Emergency Plan?

What is your equine emergency plan?

This month we are all about FIRST AID at Scone Equine Group! When it comes to equine emergencies, having a clear plan in place is the best prevention for a good outcome for your equine friend. Three simple steps such as having the right equipment at hand, a good plan in place and your vets number in your phone can make highly stressful situations more manageable and give your horse the best chance possible at a quick and speedy recovery.

When dealing with an emergency, the following steps are a great starting place.

1. Prevent further injury/or illness by securing the horse and guiding it to a place of safety.

2. Have your equine first aid kit in a handy location and keep contents stocked and up to date.

3. Briefly assess any injury/illness in order to relay to your veterinarian.

4. Call your veterinarian and act on the advice received from them.

5. Always ensure you try to Identify the cause of the injury and take measures to prevent it happening again if possible.

Please also remember that horses can react violently or out of character when sick or injured, so always put your own safety first.

Remember, If in doubt, always call your vet!

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