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Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre

Equine Podiatry and Lameness Centre

The Podiatry and Lameness Centre brings together the knowledge and skills of a team of farriers, veterinarians and specialist equine surgeons to provide dedicated, expert care for horses with lower limb and hoof problems.

The Centre offers assessment, management and treatment for horses with conditions such as laminitis, navicular syndrome, canker, quarter cracks, club feet, under-run heels and angular limb deformities in young horses. In addition, our team works together to combine the art of farriery with the knowledge and diagnostic tools of veterinary science to treat and manage foot related lameness conditions.

Our close relationship with horseshoe manufacturers and suppliers such as Grand Circuit, Nanric, Sound Horse, Soft Ride Boots, Stockman’s Supply, J C Milton, Mustad, and Horseshoe Express means that our Podiatry and Lameness team, our Clients and our Patients have access to a wide range of standard and therapeutic shoeing options for the management of hoof conditions and foot related lameness. In addition, our farriers are able to trim hooves or to design and modify shoes and pads to provide a customised solution for each individual horse’s condition and exercise requirements.

The Podiatry and Lameness team work closely with our veterinarians to tailor treatment plans for our hospitalised and surgical cases. They are available by appointment for clients who wish to bring horses to the centre for assessment and treatment and they provide an ambulatory service to farms and clients for assessment of foals, young horses and performance horses.

Our relationship with Scone Equine Hospital, Australia’s largest equine hospital and its specialists in internal medicine and surgery means that our team is at the leading edge of veterinary information and techniques related to the diagnosis and treatment of foot conditions and foot-related lameness. Our team members travel to conferences and clinics nationally and internationally each year to ensure they remain at the forefront of the knowledge and practical skills involved in Equine Podiatry.

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