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Alison Rotherham

Alison Rotherham

Veterinary Nurse

Alison started her nursing career with Terry Lowis at the origional 'Avenel Equine Clinic' in 2004. She subsequently went to work for Goulburn Valley Equine Hospital and Ballarat Veterinary Practice Equine Clinic as a surgical nurse. She left equine practice in 2014 and spent a year working for the University of Melbourne in the Microbiology and Immunology department - where she developed a fondness for ferrets! However, Alison missed nursing and returned to Avenel in 2015 where she fulfils many roles, including coordination of surgery at the hospital and assisting the surgeon during operations. She is also is in charge of our pharmacy, assists Fran in the lab, helps with inpatient care and assists the ambulatory vets on calls and with radiography.

In her spare time, Alison enjoys horse riding and spending time with her beloved ‘Spike’.