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Research and Education

Scone Equine Group is a dedicated team of professionals, committed to advancing equine veterinary science through research, technology and education.

Scone Equine Group is committed to continuing education, research and training. Our veterinarians and senior staff are actively involved in studying for further qualifications and in teaching veterinary students, nurses, interns and veterinarians around Australia and internationally.

Scone Equine Group veterinarians are recognised around Australia and around the world for their knowledge and specialist skills across the full spectrum of equine practice. We undertake clinical research and we publish information and scientific articles on new techniques, emerging conditions and the latest observations on equine health.

As a centre of excellence for equine care, Scone Equine Group has extensive links and relationships with equine practices and universities across key equine regions in Australia and internationally.

Across our various practices, we provide practical in-house clinical training for veterinary students, veterinarians and veterinary nurses. We provide information seminars and host hands-on workshops for equine industry participants.

As part of our commitment to advancing equine veterinary science, our veterinarians are regular presenters at local, state, national and international veterinary conferences.