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Lameness Evaluation and Management

Lameness is a change in a horse's gait caused by a physical injury or an imbalance in the horse's conformation. It is a sign that something is abnormal in the horse's locomotion.

While the definition of lameness is relatively simple; recognising, locating and managing lameness is a complex task requiring experience and a range of skills.

Our veterinarians combine their training and experience with diagnostic techniques such as adjustment of hoof angles, flexion tests and local anaesthetic nerve and joint blocks to identify the causes of their patients' lameness.

Once the source of the lameness is located, advanced diagnostic equipment such as digital radiography (X-Rays) and musculoskeletal ultrasonography (Scanning) are used to visualise the internal structures of the affected tissues and to allow us to understand the cause and severity of the condition.

Based on our understanding of the lameness and the expected use and activity level of the horse, our veterinarians work with experienced farriers to develop a treatment and management plan specifically tailored to each horse.