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Pre-Purchase Examinations

Pre-purchase examinations are undertaken on horses for sale to assess the suitability of the individual horse for the specific purpose for which the buyer intends to use it.

These examinations are undertaken on all types of horses and for a wide variety of uses, including performance pursuits, pleasure activities and breeding.

A pre-purchase examination allows the buyer to understand the health and fitness of the horse and to identify conditions which may affect the horse’s ability to undertake the activity the buyer intends for the horse.

Because all horses are individuals and each buyer’s expectations are different, clear communication between the buyer and the veterinarian is essential to ensure that the veterinarian understands the intended use of the horse and tailors their examination to the purchaser’s requirements.

As well as the clinical examination of the horse, it is common for additional procedures such as Radiographs (X-Rays), Ultrasonography (Scans) and Endoscopy (Scoping) to be performed at the request of the purchaser or based on the findings of the examination.

Our veterinarians are able to perform a pre-purchase examination on a horse or that is an existing patient of our practice if there is no conflict of interest and if the vendor agrees to allow the horse’s veterinary records and details to be made available to the purchaser.

It is important to understand that a pre-purchase examination is done on a horse for a specific purpose and for a specific client and that a horse which suits one client may not suit another. A pre-purchase examination is an assessment of a horse at a point in time and is designed to identify existing medical or physical conditions and an understanding of how they might impact on the horse’s suitability for the intended use. It is not a guarantee or a warranty that the horse will not have problems in the future.