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Dental Surgery

After accurate diagnosis, it is sometimes necessary for infected or fractured teeth to be removed and with full surgical facilities at hand, the step from diagnosis to treatment is seamless and hospitalisation times are kept to a minimum.

When considering tooth removal, the technique of choice in the majority of cases is extraction of the tooth through the mouth, which is generally performed under standing sedation with regional nerve blocks and local anaesthetic. Standing tooth extraction can be time consuming and laborious, however lower post-surgery complication rates compared to traditional techniques and the horses swift return to normal function make this technique worthwhile.

At SEH we have the expertise and equipment to ensure that a large number of these cases can be successfully managed by standing extractions. This is further aided by the advancement in oroscopic imaging. This allows direct visualisation and the use of modern instrumentation.

The advantage we have at SEH is that if oral extraction fails or the case is not amenable to the procedure then we have the facility and expertise to remove the tooth via repulsion under general anaesthetic. This procedure requires surgical expertise and extensive post-surgical care and our surgeons and hospital facilities are important in a successful outcome.

We are always advancing our dental procedures and we hope to soon bring the technique of minimally invasive (keyhole) extractions to the Hunter Valley.

Please contact us if you have any questions or queries about dental surgery or procedures.