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Ultrasonography is one of the key imaging techniques used in the examination of the horse.

Ultrasonography uses sound waves to produce a real time screen image of the tissues to which the transducer (probe) is applied.

The images obtained from ultrasonography allow the veterinarian a non-invasive technique for visualising and understanding the structure and function of the internal tissues and organs of the horse.

Ultrasonography is commonly used in the assessment of the musculoskeletal system of the horse and in the diagnosis of lameness where structures such as tendons, ligaments, joints and bone surfaces can be examined.

The organs of the abdomen and thorax are regularly examined by ultrasonography in the assessment of conditions such as pneumonia, colic and infection.

Ultrasonography is a standard technique used in monitoring of the reproductive tract of mares and stallions and is an integral component of the day to day reproductive management of horses on stud farms.

Across all of the body systems of the horse, the images provided by ultrasonography allow the veterinarian the ability to diagnose injury, illness and infection and to assess the patient’s response to treatment and the progress of healing.